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All over the world Indian spices are loved and adored for their complexity, originality and sheer deliciousness!
Now anyone can enjoy cooking authentic Indian food in the comfort of your own home.

Now thanks to our spice kits, anyone can create delicious and authentic Indian food in just minutes.
Simply follow the recipe on the kit to create Indian dishes using ingredients found in the kitchen cupboard and fridge by combining the spices with meat or vegetables and serve.

We have ten spice kits in our range and vary from curries that can be prepared with either vegetables or meat.
We also have a wide collection of side dishes to complement your Indian banquet. All kits are gluten free and contain two sachets of spices, each sachet serves four people.

What makes our kits stand out from the rest?

Quick – There’s no need to spend hours preparing our meals.


Simple – Each kit comes with an easy to follow recipe using simple ingredients that can be found in the kitchen cupboard and fridge.


Authentic – Our spice kits are all based on our unique family recipes which stem back generations.



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